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Be Inspired by Plant Food and Homeopathy: Nightshades and Onions

Be Inspired by Plant Food and Homeopathy
I. Nightshades and Onions
by Marta Wellner
Amazon, Kindle Edition

Potatoes, cayenne pepper and belladonna are all members of the same botanical family called nightshades. I am a practicing homeopath and at one point of my experience with remedies I was wondering how many remedies are made of foods that we are eating. My curiosity met my own experience with food and food components as a scientist. The outcome is a review, published as an e-book on Amazon. I started with the nightshades and the onions by intuition and as I was researching the topic starting with potatoes, it was shown to me that each plant food family likely contains a food which we eat a lot, some which we do not eat a lot, end eventually there are plants of which less is more. Plants and their fruit like cayenne pepper, are at the border between food, spices and herbs. And certainly, you cannot consume belladonna at all, because it is so poisonous. However, belladonna in minute amount has medicinal use and as homeopathic preparation it is very useful.
So, I wrote up what I learned, and I am offering a summary of the first two plant food families with the hope that I will inspire some readers to be more interested in the minute amounts of plants which serve humankind with healing properties. Be Inspired by Plant Foods is a journey from the lot to nearly nothing, showing that both ends have their own power.

Marta Wellner, Norfolk, January 2017