About the Norfolk Homeopaths

The Norfolk Homeopaths  

I am one of the four founding members of the group Norfolk Homeopaths, HN.
The NH are an independent group organising CPD events.
Most of the seminars are by homeopaths for the homeopathic community of East Anglia.
Some of them are topics of particular interest not only for homeopaths but generally for therapists like nutritionists, counsellors, midwives, herbalists, and anyone interested in health!
I left the group after five inspirational years of working together in 2016.

If you are interested, please contact us on e-mail address norfolkhomeopaths@gmail.com

CPD seminars organised by The Norfolk Homeopaths in Norwich so far:
Date                   Name and Topic
02/06/2012     Miranda Castro – Challenging cases
08/09/2012     Elisabeth Adalian – A spectrum of ideas
06/07/2013     Ellen Kramer – Synthetic hormones and woman’s health
27/04/2013     Hilery Dorian – Disorders of the Digestive System
13/09/2013     Geoff Johnson – Animal and Human Cases
08/03/2014     Myriam Shivadikar – Narayani Remedies & Bowel Nosodes
27/09/2015     Sylvia Goddard – CHANGE from Within & Transform your Practice
07/02/2015     Myriam Shivadikar- Supporting Patients with chronic diseases
25/04/2015     Dr Adriana Candeias –  Primal health and the origins of health.
The ultimate update on fertility, birth, and nutrition for health professionals.
26/09/2015       Tessa Jordan –
Coping with Challenging Clients: Managing Challenging Consultations
19/03/2016 Clare Walters – Focussed Mindfulness
11-12/06/2016 Circle of Love – Dr Alize Timmerman
02/08/2016 Myriam Shivadikar – Clinical Rheumatology

‘’As the days pass by, I still feel the warmth with which my fellow practitioners in Norwich welcomed me and participated on my whole day seminar on Primal Health and the origins of human health.
There is nothing like bringing “Love” as a scientific matter breaking conventional barriers.
See me on the dance floor of life, … and join the wave’’.
Dr Adriana Candeias, Facebook on 28 April 2015

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