Homeopathy for the now: SLUGS

Pest control for your GARDEN with homeopathy? Try the Helix tosta 12X, a homeopathic remedy to deter snails

SLUGS: Pest Damage
Annoying after wet weather, they finish a whole bed of lettuce overnight, leaving shiny trails
Edges or leaves are eaten away, holes in leaves are in abundance
Problem: beer traps, copper vires, potato and apple peelings do not work… but you do not want to use chemicals or ill the pests
Solution: if your garden if infested with slugs, you can use the homeopathic remedy Helix tosta 12X

DETER the slugs: Method
Helix tosta 6X: globules (pills) cca 20, 10L of water, water the soil
In old times people dried some slugs, burned them, and used the ash to mark a territory and deter them, the homeopathic way is more gentle and careful way of doing so
Advise: Use plastic, porcelain, or wood tools as metal may disturb the action of remedies, keep the tools clean
Watering or spraying is fine
Apply in the morning and evening, during sunny hot days only apply to the roots, and do not over-water on a rainy day just use less water for the remedy

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