About me

I am a former scientist in the field of life sciences with homeopathic training offering a holistic integrated approach to healthcare.


My first experience with homeopathy was in 1993 when I worked in France. Then everybody was talking about homeopathy and I asked them what was it about….? Ever since I was challenged by its principles.  As a natural scientist at first I abandoned it, later used it myself and finally I decided to study it.

My background is in life science and I understand human nutrition. These broaden my views about holistic approach to human health. Nutrition is part of my CPD and I still study new aspects and methods of homeopathy.

I started practicing under supervision in my third year in the college and attended the Sunrise Children’s Homeopathic Clinic in London (offering low cost treatments for children under 16 years) for two years. This gave me an additional training and an efficient start of my own clinic.  Since 2009 I practice in Norwich and South Norfolk.

I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths. I am committed to the Code of Ethics and Practice of The Society of Homeopaths and I am holding a professional insurance.

I am one of the founding members of the Norfolk Homeopaths, a group, bringing Norfolk and Norwich homeopaths together and organise CPD events since 2012.

In the past I was writing newsletters called Be Inspired by Homeopathy and Food, for my clients. Now I am changing it and I will be posting useful information under Be Inspired by Homeopathy and Food, where I put my experience and knowledge to the best service of clients and readers.



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