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Imagine that each of us are born with a music. Every single person represents a unique piece of music. The scores are in your head, or you use your brain as an instrument to download it, think as you wish.  Lets imagine, your body is an instrument, in this case a piano.

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The life goes on… you grow up and by time you become a virtuoso, you are happy, successful, wealthy and healthy. In an ideal case you get old and still playing the same good music. Nobody else can play it as you do because your music is sound and sounds are vibrations. These vibrations are unique to you. You are getting better and better and you find out what you can do with this music, with your vibrations. You can make them sound better and eventually you write some new music. I leave the rest to your own imagination.

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Another scenario is when you start playing false, fabricated or discord tunes. You play it wrong because you do not remember bits, you mess up some notes, and your hands do not play as they should. It is not because they do not listen, it is because your hands play exactly as they are told. Something is gone wrong.  Your hands clench individually or together. It is clear that you cannot play your instrument.

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The piano stands closed and collects the dust, you stay in the corner and you do not play, you are watching it from a distance. In the best case all you can do is to bang the table or the door so that you can be heard. Why in the best case? This is a wakeup call, this is when you seek help and advice. The best would be to be helped immediately and indeed is some case this is possible. A medical intervention or methodical massage can help to stretch you hands.

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But we continue further. What happens if that is no help?  In this case any medication will go through the little hole created in the middle of the fist. Even the best indicated and otherwise useful for others will not be absorbed by the fist.

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Why would homeopathy help?

There is need for energy to take away the force which caused the clenching. If you have our own music and own vibrations, you also have your own force field which protects you.  When it is not contaminated, again the hands are playing the music. If it is contaminated the chemistry and physics of the particles you are made of is distorted, and their own force fields are not in good shape. The spatial arrangement of the molecules is defective and the whole energy and physiological consequences are altered.   Either it goes from left to right or right to left it does not matter. Only one of the structures is right for you.

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Similarly one molecule represented by the shell that is surrounded by two or more water molecules represented by the almonds gives two different visual and special impressions. And this dissimilarity will have different biological consequences. Again one of them will be normal for you the other one not. The problem is that it is not easy to find out which one is your case.

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So, your molecules, you cells, intercellular spaces and tissues and organs may work on a weird way, repeating the wrong music.

They are ways to open the fist and one of them could be homeopathy.  I do not know how but observations tell us that it opens slowly the fist. It happens likely when affecting the force field by mending the spatial arrangement in the molecules. How it happens, we are not concerned about it in this paper. It is enough to imagine that you get an imprint of the image, inform of a homeopathic medication , as a message and it somehow finds the way to the place where it starts the healing process. That is usually slow but it can act very fast in acute situations.

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The fact is that somehow the body answers to those fine messages which it receives from the minute dosed of homeopathic preparations. Large or small molecules, they all have a rather complicated system of bonds which link atoms into larger molecules. You do not change the shape of such infinitesimal links with a hammer. It needs and equally small tool. I leave the rest to your imagination again. You were getting to this clenched fist for years and homeopathy offers a slow recovery.

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At this stage even a medical intervention helps better. This is the case when after using homeopathy medication like antibiotics suddenly work for you. This would be one of the reason why in recent decades, and opposed to the original ideas, homeopathy is being used alongside of medications.

As a result you will start playing you music again, perhaps slower for a while, or you need a bit of training, and perhaps you will able only play while reading the scores… but it may work even if you are older.

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Thank you for your attention!

Marta Wellner,  May 2015

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